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May 5, 2012 1:30am PDT
we do to improve the economic climate of san francisco. the america's cup will help us nationally and internationally. it creates business opportunities and jobs. the contribution to the economy is obvious. visitor's events, international television exposure, tax revenue, the less obvious but just as direct of impacts of this event will last way beyond the 34th america's cup races and the 5th america's cup races and the 36th and the 37th. [applause] >> racing to be hosted here in san francisco. the less economic -- the less obvious impact comes from development that is happening right here, right now on this waterfront. aside from improvements to the america's cup locations that will be discussed later in this program, there are several transformative projects that when combined with the event's facilities will make this waterfront a more vibrant, and more enjoyable place for all. the new cruise ship terminal will be america's cup neighbors. from these venues and these venues will benefit from the america's cup spectators. the america's cup is enabling in increased access to peers
May 15, 2012 8:00pm PDT
america's cup. welcome to the new america's cup. we would like to welcome the mayor, thank you for joining us on this momentous occasion. thank you, we will introduce them formally in a minute. this is a kickoff for the 34th edition of the oldest trophy in international sports. today, we will celebrate. this will be the america's cup village. this is already being constructed. this is where the general public will be able to participate. of course, this is the first time in the history of the cup that it will not be erased 10 or even 20 miles offshore. it will be right here on this city fraud. this will be a fantastic husband. this is the best venue, even better than auckland. this is the best of a new that any of us have ever seen. and many of you have seen the america's cup before? ok, would you like to see it again? please welcome the oldest trophy in international sports, the america's cup. [applause] >> please welcome the mayor of the great city and county of san francisco. the hon. ed lee. >> thank you for coming. we were here with our director and union labor and all of the people t
May 10, 2012 7:00am EDT
(♪) >> hoy en "despierta amÉrica" >> llueven reacciones en todo el planeta luego que el presidente obama se declarara a favor del@ todos los detalles ierta >> continÚa conaÉxitoisio concurso los igual iitgualitos estrellas de univisiÓn >> ay! no! por favor >> y esto es un dÍa de buenas noticias en univisiÓn, hoy son las nominaciones a premio juventud y habrÁ revoluciÓn en las redes sociales >> estÉ muy pendiente a los datos que le ofreceremos para que no se pierda ningÚn detalle >> y aamerica univision@@despie >> (cantando) >> (♪) >> (♪) >> (aplausos) >> buenos dÍas! >> buenos dÍas! con el mariachi mÉxico internacional >> sÍ seÑor! >> a esa mujer que la quiero, la mÁs grande. bueno son nuestras mamÁs, las mamÁs de nuestros hijos tambiÉn >> felicidades en el dÍa de las madres que festejamos en mÉxico el dÍa de hoy jueves 10 de mayo de to' 12 >> bueno estamos un poquito sentimentales pero con mucha alegrÍa porque las mamÁs las llevamos en el corazÓn no nada mÁs el dÍa de hoy, sino todos mamÁ te amo y a mi patty tambiÉn >> un beso >> se te pusieron los
May 20, 2012 9:00am EDT
america's economy in the sense of their own sense of destiny on also affected u.s. policy. what we will do is will have hal speak about 10, 15 minutes about the book, and then we will have a discussion going from my immediate left, the managing director at hsbc, and felicia, who is master teacher at new york university. also adjunct professor at the latin american studies program at new york university. so i just want to give a shameless plug to the journal that we publish your, america's quarterly. but enough about me. hal, let's talk about her book. tell us about the conclusions you have in your book. why it's called a passionate cause a problem with their own members with a meeting of u.s. dominance in the region. >> thanks very much. enough about me, what do you want to know about me? well, thanks to the council of the americas for hosting this. thanks to you all for turning out this evening. i want to start with a question. could it be that the first time in history the united states needs latin america more than latin america needs the united states? now comcast your mind back -- cas
May 1, 2012 5:00pm PDT
more america's cup races than anyone in the history of the planet. he has one four of the last five america's cups. i was thinking about this, mr. mayor, he has had particularly good success in california thinking about the olympics in 1984, but the competition -- thanks jennifer, the competition is exceedingly tough. this may be the highest quality field of challengers ever. team new zealand for sure. the italian sure, the swedish team, the french are very strong as well and we'll see how the chinese and the koreans do. >> i'll give them all my number. >> what are you looking for, economic development or some other kind of development? [laughter] >> ok, that wasn't in your script either, adam. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the c.e.o. of oracle racing, the winningest skipper in the history of the america's cup. [applause] >> well, thank you, sir mayor and thank you jennifer. some of you may recall the america's cup when dennis connor was king. he was mr. america's cup, winning it, actually winning it twice, then losing it and then finally winning it again. and i remember some
May 1, 2012 5:00pm PDT
the america's cup event village will happen sometime around the commencement around the lucy vuitton cup which tom says starts on july 5. the ambition is to have parts of the village open to the public from may on wards or earlier if we can manage it. on the other side of the bay bridge will be pit road. this is where the team bases will be and where the fans will get up close and by up close, really close to the spectacular boats that will compete in the summer of 2013. so in the past, in the past, the teams have had 15-foot high fences around the bases. lucy, you would remember that sort of treatment and the security guards and so forth that prevented the public from coming in. that's all about to change. people will be able to see these boats close up and see them lifted into and out of the water and see the teams getting on and off the boats and working on the boats and making the changes to make them fast on the racecourse. and this activity and interaction won't be typical of weekend long sporting events or it won't be like a weeklong festival like fleet week it. will go on for
May 26, 2012 12:00pm EDT
editorial board of america's quarterly. so i just wanted to give a shameless plug to the journal that we publish here, america's quarterly, which just came out two weeks ago. [laughter] but enough about me. hal? let's talk about your book. tell us a little bit about the conclusions you have in your book and why it's caused a little bit of a kerr enough. >> well, thank you very much. as they say, enough about me, what do you want to know about me? well, thanks to the council of the americas for hosting me x thank you all for -- and thank you all for turning up this evening. i want to start with a question. could it be for the be first time in history the united states needs latin america more than latin america needs the united states? now, cast your mind back a decade ago or little over a decade ago. that question would have seemed absurd. the united states was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, the most powerful country economically, politically, militarily. why on earth would it need anyone, let alone a continent known for its economic crises, its political instabilit
May 15, 2012 8:30pm PDT
america's cup i think we can all perhaps start to see will be simply sensational. they have raced all over the world and i can tell you that san francisco was at the front of the cue when the natural attributes were handed out. to me, the bay area is the perfect sailing stadium. you have strong winds. you have an open relatively deep waterfront where the boats can cut the sail right in close against the peers and so forth and having competed in the olympics in america's cup quite a few times, i have seen firsthand the positive and enduring benefits, and, jennifer, you mentioned a lot of them, that such an iconic world class boating event can bring, not just to the host city, but often the host nation. so i'm convinced that people that will eventually look back on this america's cup, instead of calling it the 34th america's cup or even the 2013 america's cup, i believe it will come to be known as the san francisco america's cup. [applause] >> i think i said sometime ago and i have always believed that the america's cup, because of this is fortunate, very, very fortunate, very lucky
May 3, 2012 9:30pm PDT
fund. thanks, mike. >> good afternoon, commissioners. mike martin, america's cup project director from the office of economic and workforce development. i definitely want to echo the words plaintiff benson that's been an extraordinary effort to get here and i think we're all pretty excited about what's taking shape as s a very exciting and extraordinary event here in san francisco. the specific things i want to come up and talk about a little bit do relate to the lease disposition agreement that's before you. there are a little bit sort of less directly port related but underscore what it's going to be happening at the port. the first and most significant of these is the security relationship and this is something that was called on the host and venue agreement that was originally executed among the city, america's cup organizing committee of the nonprofit supporting the city's effort and america's cup event authority. nar agreement acoc would procure a bond or security instrument that would secure the performance of both the city and acoc to ensure the event comes forward. so that pro
May 8, 2012 11:30am PDT
america's cup or even the 2013 america's cup, i believe it will come to be known as the san francisco america's cup. [applause] >> i think i said sometime ago and i have always believed that the america's cup, because of this is fortunate, very, very fortunate, very lucky in fact to have san francisco. but san francisco is also lucky i believe to have the america's cup and here is why. where we are today will be the race village. for fans this will be their headquarters. this will become a social hub of the city, not just for the america's cup, but for the long term also. in the olympic games and america's cup that i have seen firsthand, enduring legacy that such waterfront developments have it leaves for a long period of time. yet here in san francisco, we are only minutes away from the downtown offices and hotels and the embarcadero is the main tourist route along the city front. the official opening of the america's cup event village will happen sometime around the commencement around the lucy vuitton cup which tom says starts on july 5. the ambition is to have parts of t
May 4, 2012 7:00am EDT
>>> los 15 aÑos de "despierta amÉrica" >>> felices 15. "despierta amÉrica" ♪. serÁ una celebraciÓn de costa a costa, hoy una lluvia deunivisÓ @@despierta americaunivision@@dv cuando esta quinceaÑera no tuvo su fiesta de 15. >>> estoy muy contenta porque nicolÁs elizola me darÁ mi sueÑo dÁndome el traje >>> el trÁgico mundo sera testigo de un pirata conocido. y lu pilla r y y lupillo rivera nos contarÁ qÉe momento viviÓ. que comience este reventÓn de los 15 aÑos de dices puer"despi amÉrica" la mejor manera de comentar sus maÑanas. >>> y usted como siempre es nuestro invitado de honor. ( ♪Úca♪ ( ♪ mÚsica ♪ ) @@ ♪ de"despierta amÉrica" ♪. (gritos (gritos) ( ♪ mÚsica ♪ ) >>> muy buenos dÍas, familia de "despierta amÉrica ". (gritos) >>> un dÍa muy especial es viernes 4 de mayo seÑores. (gritos) >>> un dÍa maravilloso, 15 aÑos estÁ cumpliendo "despierta amÉrica ". >>> y 15 aÑos gracia a ustedes, a su cariÑo a su confianza, gracias este pÚblico hermoso. (gritos) >>> que nos recibe hoy en orlando, los queremos mucho. >>> estamos felices y sin duda
May 5, 2012 2:00am PDT
purple mountain majesties above the fruit and plains, america, america, god shed his grace on thee. and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. oh beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain. for purple mountain majesties, above the fruit and plains, america, america, america god shed his grace on thee. and crown the thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. [singing]. >> at the beginning of every event we sing the philippino and national anthem. we shall have some [inaudible], that is company and dancers group, they are going to sing the philippine national anthem.
May 13, 2012 11:30am EDT
our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. >>> i'm david gregory and this is "press pass", your all access pass. i sat down with jamie dimon, ceo of jp morgan chase to talk about jobs and economy and the 2012 election. that was the day before news broke about the $2 billion loss that resulted from risky bets that the bank made. he agreed to sit down again and respond to the news and questions that have arisen because of that. here now is the rest of my conversation from earlier this week when i started by asking mr. dimon whether he thinks the american economy is better off now than it was four years ago. >> that's a really good question. could i give you historical context? america has the best economy in the wo
May 4, 2012 7:00am PDT
amÉrica ". pero siempre y dicen mi amig, los boricuas que siempre hay un pelo en un sancocho. >>> casi no llegamos >>> cuÉntanos que pasÓatcha >>> venÍamos nosotros un equipo que hace este programa y nos hemoquedado barados exactamente en mitad de camino >>> en un camiÓn venÍan todos juntos y se quedan parados, tenemos la to de recuerdos >>> ay! dios mÍo >>> pasamos horas >>>lgunos pasamos una hora, otros dos horas media, nos divertimos la pasamos muy bien sea como sea, aquÍ estamos viendo a maite, ana patricia lo importante que tenÍamos comida >>> y por supuesto la ilusiÓn de celebrar, de compartir con este pÚblico maravilloso e hoy nos acompaÑa, la vamos a pasarn grande, eso se los prometemos >>> claro que sÍ >>> hay mucha diversiÓn y tambiÉn hay mucha informaciÓn esta maÑana, y para eso se une a esta gran celebraciÓn, nuestra natalia cruz quien esÁ hoy dÁonos todas las noticias, muy buenos dÍas natalia? >>> buenos dÍas >>> muy bueno dÍas, mis quinceaÑeros hermosos se ven muy lindo, felicidad por estos 15 aÑos de programa, me sggustarÍa poder estar celebrando
May 2, 2012 4:00pm PDT
keep the america's cup in america. and all this racing will take place right off the city front. the start line will be adjacent to marina green where the golden gate bridge at a backdrop. from the start, it will take the boats probably less than a minute to scream towards the first turn which would be only about 150 yards off the shoreline, so close to the water's edge in fact that you'll be able to hear the sound of the winches and the voices of the crew. i'm talking about polite voices. the regatta director has just issued a directive about the salty language needing to be a little sweeter. then boats will rip up and down the bay. on that first leg, they'll approach speeds close to 50 miles per hour, but they'll rip up and down the bay over a three-lap course and then the finish line will be right off here at piers 27 and 29. so the america's cup competition will be 162 years old, this fantastic trophy next year, yet it will have seen nothing like what's about to happen in san francisco. this will be the fastest, most fan friendly cup there has ever been. you'll have the drama and
May 7, 2012 7:00pm PDT
strongly endorse the america's cup and thamplinge the city, event authority and port of san francisco for everything that you're doing to bring this event here. i think it's important to recognize that for every $300 spent in a hotel, additional $700 are spent in businesses surrounding the hotels. and those are often small businesses in other areas of the city. events that market san francisco to a global market have an effect and benefit beyond the event itself. while the america's cup will be wonderful for the city, there's also a way of getting a word out there we have an incredible city and world class waterfront and some of the changes coming about because of america's cup will help us for generations to come. we wanted make sure that you know we support this and urge you to approve the recommendations that are before you today. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. norman pierce, is this for 9-a? go ahead. >> norman pierce. i'm a sailor and staff commoner and big supporter of this project from day wufpblet i'm so happy it's gotten to this point. anticipating positive respon
May 12, 2012 9:00pm EDT
america -- >> the colonization of north america doesn't really begin until early in the -- permanent, to the early 17th century. here you see the route that john cabot takes in 1497. but it won't be until jamestown and st. augustine is established. yes. st. augustine. 1565. but a few generations away. from permanent settlement on the north american continent. think for a moment, what would the attraction be here. if you can come down here, cortez, the other conquistadors are finding these enormous civilizations. rich beyond measure, that's the attraction. who wants to go up here? what's the attraction up here? at this point not a lot. not a lot. you don't really want to go to maine, do you? not in the winter. down here. so it will take a while but yes, it comes later. this is first. and here we see an example of the spanish and portuguese explorations between 1400 and 1600. look at this. it's an incredible accomplishment. it is these navigators, these spanish and portuguese. before the french, before the english. french and english come into this late. late. when it comes to european
May 27, 2012 6:00pm EDT
>> our guest on "this is america" is dr. zbigniew brzezinski, former national security adviser to president jimmy carter, professor of american foreign policy at johns hopkins university, and author of the new york times best-seller, "strategic vision: america and the crisis of global power." thank you for coming over and visiting once again. >> once again is right. >> you are right around the corner from us now. >> we are neighbors. >> we are neighbors indeed. how has the world changed in the last 20, 25 years? >> fundamentally. fundamentally. the last 25 years have seen the end of a century-long conflict for domination of the world -- imperial germany, nazi germany, soviet communism, and then american supremacy. in the last 20 years that supremacy has become more difficult and uncertain while the world has become more politically awakened. today all of humanity is politically active, and the balance of global power has shifted from the west to the east. so we live in a politically very, very different world. >> when people say american power is on the wane, is that real or imagi
May 6, 2012 6:15am EDT
middle-class and most prosperous nation on earth. we came together because we believe in america, your success should not be determined by the circumstances of your birth. if you are willing to work hard, we should be able to find a good to -- you should be able to find a good job. if you are meeting your responsibilities, you should be able to own a home and maybe start a business. give your kids a chance to do even better. no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, no matter what you look like. no matter what your last name is. [applause] we believe the free market is one of the greatest forces for progress in human history. businesses are the engine of growth. risktaker should be rewarded. we also believe that it is best -- the free market has never been a license to pay whatever you want. [applause] we have understood that alongside our entrepreneurial spirit, america only prosperous if we meet our obligations to one another in the future generations. we came together in 2008 because our country had strayed from these basic american values. a record surplus was squ
May 7, 2012 10:02am EDT
sagrado para su cultura y vital importancia seguir realizando los a america atenciÓn de capitalinos y turistas. >> asÍ es. >> un pequeÑo. >> una pequeÑa muestra de cÓmo eran nuestros antepasados. >> y uno llega a este lugar. >> siente como si estuviera en esos lugares, en esa Época y en ese tiempos. >> ¿quÉ les parece?. >> son aproximadamente 10.000 danzantes en toda la repÚblica mexicana no solo aquÍ en el distrito federal, personas que se dedican a conservar nuestras tradiciones prehispÁnicas, por el puro gusto de preservar la cultura. >> nuestro reconocimiento a todos ellos. >> y yo me despido desde aquÍ, desde la ciudad de mÉxico.americ pero continuemos con mÁs en "despierta amÉrica". >> gracias pilar. >> espectacular. >> spespectacular ¿sabes quÉ me llama la atenciÓn?. >> hay qque hay muchos paÍses q conservan la cultura. >> sus raÍces. >> y la cultura que hay que admirar de ella. >> y va incluir un poema en n u nahua nahuatl. >> pero con la piedra quemada el carbÓn. >> es interesante y de eso se trata el conocers los paÍses y tradiciones. >> vamos a una paus
May 12, 2012 12:00am EDT
hanks. and only in america, the family jacksons, brothers reunited and divided over michael's killer and a mother grieving her son's death. will you ever get over this? >> never. every morning, every -- all through the day, i think about michael. i just miss him. >> this is "piers morgan tonight." >>> good evening. we begin with our big story, the bruising battle for the white house. not just votes that count. it is the money president obama and mitt romney spent billions since announcing support for same sex marriage. president obama raised at least $20 million. $15 million of which came from that big party in hollywood last night, hosted by george clooney. director and actor rob reiner was among the select few invited. he joins me for this interview. rob, what was it like? >> it was a great evening. i mean, what was wonderful about it is that even though we had raised that, you know, you mentioned $15 million, about two-thirds of that money came from small donors. they were about 15 tables and the -- they had a, like a raffle and if you, you know, were lucky enough to win a ticket
May 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
hasta ahÍ estÁ llegando el verano, continÚen con mÁs de "despierta amÉrica ". estamos hablando que maÑana nos vamos en coche para disneyworld. >>> > ngo los chicharrÓnes, chile >>> tengo la lista de canciones que me va as cant a cantaen el . >>> y volar, volar tan lejos♪. ♪ >>> pues Ás que lejos de eso trata el video del dÍa ahi estÁ. ♪Úca♪ta raÚ canta. donde me dijo, en rÍo de janeiro, el hombre estÁ loco. (cantan). de hecho vio una brasileÑa y dijo yo te pe. (risas) >>> hasta una ga rota, desde arriba yo te pego >>> oigan hablando de garotas, miren Ést esta rusa, el segundo video del dÍ a. se ha gastado 8 mil dÓlares en cirugÍa, dicen que lo que mÁs impresiona de ella su piel de porcelana, que tiene los ojos en posiciÓn perfecta, a parte se bla maquilla como la muÑeca se ha re tocado la nariz, la boca, esta chica es como muÑeca, pero vean esto lo mÁs impresionante muchachos, dicen que lo que mÁs llama la atenciÓn de la chica es la cinturita de avispa que tiene y la personalidad, porque dicen que es perfecto. dicen que es perfecto. gasta 800 mil dÓlar
May 1, 2012 7:00am EDT
>>> muy bien. >>> arrancamos oficialmente con la celebraciÓn de los 15 aÑos de "despierta amÉrica" y empezaremos a revivir los momentos mÁs inolvidables >>> y viene mis meche con un anuncio oficial esto se pone de agarrarse la peluca >>> ay! ay! se siente la fiesta mi querido raÚl,ivisiospo @@mosos spiertenzan ericaviar us @@ludosdespieamericunivendespa n >>>ierta ica civisioi@@os vÁzqun millones de seguidores en el mundo tiene un importante anuncio >>> quÉ programa en los Ángeles, raÚunivescuchnesto, pamela silv se siente frente a frente con jennifer lÓpez y le preguntan lo que ivisios quer@Íamosspierta a univision@@despierta americaunip ♪ "despierta amÉrica" ♪. ♪ ♪ felicidades, felicidades, en este dÍa♪. ♪ felicidades, felicidades, que tengas dicha toda la vida ♪. (aplausos) >>> bravo, bravo (aplausos) >>> ay! quÉ rico despertar con alegrÍa, con tantas bendiciones, hoy es martes primero de mafryo del 2012, y en muchos paÍses del mundo se celebra el dÍa de trabajo, saludos a toda nuestra que lucho para dara para darle familia lo mejor >>> hoy seÑores
May 8, 2012 11:00am PDT
better painter, he thought. sad for him, sad for america: he never returned to his home. at 34, john singleton copley was already one of the best and most popular painters in the american colonies. the young american artist john trumbull said of him, "an elegant-looking man dressed in fine maroon cloth with gold buttons, this dazzling to my unpracticed eye, but his painting, the first i'd ever seen deserving the name, riveted--absorbed my attention and rewed my desires to enter upon such a pursuit." copley had more work than he could do. early in his career, he mastered the popular rococo style: rich texture of laces and lush fabrics, empty faces. but like many pre-revolutionary americans, copley could not suppress his belief in individual and personal expression. ( drumbeats ) taxation without representation: copley's father-in-law, an english merchant, was importing tea to america. copley felt he could not speak out against his family, nor could he defend them. seeking his artistic heritage, he sailed for europe. it wasn't long before he became part of that heritage, a forerunner i
May 17, 2012 6:00pm EDT
>> this is "bbc world news america." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. shell. k. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america. reporting from washington, i am katty kay. in greece, the government is new and temporary, but the problems are old and permanent. europe is on edge again. the population milestone. for the very first time, the majority of american babies are not white. and she was the queen of disco. tonight, we'll look back on the life and music of>> make sense of international news at -- of donna summer. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and elsewhere around the globe. a new government was sworn into office in greece today, but there is not mu
May 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
america." >> funding for this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank.e >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news america." >> this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. one year from osama bin ladin stead, president obama makes a surprise visit to afghanistan. ripping into rupert murdoch, he is declared not fit to lead a major company. cu mopyveoccupy movement.eoc in new york, the activists are having an impact. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. president obama has marked the anniversary of the killing of osama bin ladin with a surprise visit to afghanistan. he announced -- he arrived unannounced under the cover of darkness. he then signed an agreement about the role of comb
May 3, 2012 7:00am EDT
mismo aÑo que "despierta amÉrica" y fueron noticias en nuestro programa, hoy viviremos la emociÓn al mÁximo cuando llegan a la casa 15 aÑos despuÉs >>> crece la cadena del amor, nicolÁs elizola le regala el vestida a nuestra quinceaÑera. y frank el maquillista de gisselle blondet la va a maquillar para nuestra fiesta maÑderta amaision@@despierta am. aunivision@@despierta america ♪ ♪ bravo (aplausos) >>> mÉxico internacional >>> sÍ seÑor. >>> quÉ rico!. >>> quÉ rico el mariachi muy buenos dÍas a ustedes allÁ en casa, bienvenidos a esta su casa "despierta amÉrica" , jueves 3 de mayo del 2012, estamos preparÁndonos para la celebraciÓn de maÑana que cumplimos 15 aÑos. >>> quÉ rico para ustedes que nos estÁn viendo, saludos para nuestro poncho de anda quien se sigue recuperando, como dijo carla tenemos el pachangÓn maÑana, en vivo desde disneyworld allÁ. >>> mira yo estoy ansiosa, mÁs de 300 millones de visitas, estos jÓvenes no se lo puede p r perder. oiga compadre. disculpa porque, me voy a subir a su coche y me voy a dormir, y usted me despierta que lleg
May 28, 2012 2:00pm EDT
called. but all through, especially through america's heartland, patriotic young men answered the call. we knew it was about more than action and adventure. we believed at the time it was essential to maintaining freedom in america. we saw it as an essential strategy of containment and stopping the spread of communism, stopping the fall of the dominos across southeast asia. and so we had a cause. >> i want to go live to this ceremony now. it has begun. we are going to be seeing, as we said, in just a short time, the president, but this is the chairman of the joint chiefs, chairman dempsey. >> we all feel a common resolve on memorial day to pause, if only for a moment, and to remember. this solemn tradition began in 1868 when decoration day was proclaimed by general john logan, commander of the grand army of the potomac of the republic. and since our republic's founding, nearly 2.5 million of our countrymen and women have in the words of general logan, made their breasts a barricade between our country and its foes. some of their names are blasted into this granite wall. a wall and a wa
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May 6, 2012 12:00pm PDT
i'm jon scott. see you next week. >> john: what if someone wanted america to fail. >> the man behind this video joins us. >> countless regulations that would be so complicated that only lawyers and lobbyists can understand them. >> that is what we have today. do we need all the laws, so many that no one understands them? the government can't could you count them all. no. >> is this regulation that is killing job creation. >> job losses are adding up big time. >> practically the worst economy in the worst economy in america's history. >> you find many fail. to bully americans out of their dreams. >> john: they have done that. now the feds demand that every store must admit, now hotels must spend millions on devices that may never be used. >> they are scrambling to comply. >> do you know you could be fined thousands of dollars if you sell one of these things? regulated to death. that is our show tonight. >> john: americans want us to protect us, protect us from foreign enemies and people that might hurt us, physically or financially. so politicians pass laws that claim to do tha
May 30, 2012 6:00am EDT
the ground. we will get america energy- security of spending money overseas. [cheers and applause] america will have a choice on november 6 and nevada will make it loud and clear clear that you want to make sure we have a president that does not want to take america on the path to europe. you want a president that will keep americans holding true to the principles that made us the great nation we are for it once -- one person i spoke with came from outside this country. he came here and said people around the world for generations have looked at this country as the land of opportunity. that is what has drawn people here. free people, pursuing their dreams freely, building enterprises that employ one another and that is what has made america the power house we have become. this president does not understand that because he has not lived that. instead, on almost every dimension, he has made it harder for our economy to come back and put people to work. i understand it because i have lived it. i have met with people day in and day out that teach me the experience as they have had unt
May 26, 2012 12:00am PDT
country essentially belongs to their own people. so in america, i often use the express america belongs to american, and i think 300 million american. not republican party or democratic party. so -- >> do you think sometimes that the politicians forget that? >> so -- i don't think generally politician come from democracy country, i think not that thinking. but sometimes little bit shortsighted. they are mainly looking the next vote. >> it's true. >> that is what we say, drawback. i don't think. i don't think. so, therefore, the best way govern the country by the people is democratively. there's no question. no question. therefore, i -- my own choice, i the dalai lama, actually, formally ended almost four centuries' old tibetan tradition. alone the head of the political. that i not end it. because since i shall vote, i was very impressed with the democratic system. >> you actually overthrew yourself. >> oh, yes. volunteered. happily. proudly. i have one secret. last year, the day i did, that night, unusual deep sleep. >> really. >> yes. all happy. >> all the responsibility is gone. let's
May 27, 2012 8:00pm EDT
-- what we should realize is that as much as many of our things in america have been beacons to others in the world, our actions are paid -- they are paying attention to our actions and people, even those that are not formally educated, are very sophisticated. they know more about what's going on in america that we -- that we know about what's going on in their country. >> absolutely. >> i think wanted to use that flip to tell the rest of the store write which is margaret marshall came to the united states, named first to massachusetts supreme judicial court and supreme justice and wrote the landmark decision that allowed same-sex couples to marry saying that that right was guaranteed in the messages of the state constitution. tell us about the right for gay rights and how that is seen. there a parallel with the earlier stories? >> yeah. i do. i mean, i -- i would like to flip it for whatever -- i was pretty down in the first part. but i was talking about. i mean, i live in virginia. and my legislature is -- there is no other word for it. they are neanderthals. and my partner and i hav
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May 6, 2012 3:00pm EDT
economy in america's history. >> you find many fail. to bully americans out of their dreams. >> john: they have done that. now the feds demand that every store must admit, now hotels must spend millions on devices that may never be used. >> they are scrambling to comply. >> do you know you could be fined thousands of dollars if you sell one of these things? regulated to death. that is our show tonight. >> john: americans want us to protect us, protect us from foreign enemies and people that might hurt us, physically or financially. so politicians pass laws that claim to do that. and then because they can't keep up with the constant changes in life they create whole agencies to write and enforce additional regulations. this is the result. 160,000 pages of rules, some contradict each other. no one understands all of them and yet bureaucracy add more. thousands of new pages every month. regulations might be worth it if they make us safer but they don't. cliff assets has growing to a fund of $50 billion. so i assume you are smart but explain, you say the financial regulations meant to pr
May 25, 2012 4:00pm PDT
>> this is "bbc world news america" reporting from washington. fighting erupted in syria, 50 civilians killed at one time. on the ground where the fighting continues to rage. >> they have pushed back the government forces. >> hoesch shares in spain's biggest bank, billions more to stay afloat. and opening a new frontier in space, starting a new chapter fuelled by private enterprise. welcome to our viewers on pbs and america and around the globe. tonight, fresh reports of fighting in syria. activists say the forces are trying to break into -- what they described as a massacre. there have been attacks from government tanks for days with rebels returning fire. at the un has delivered a bleak assessment of the ceasefire and our correspondent has seen firsthand the continuing violence. you might find some of their pictures in that report disturbing. >> it has been fought over many times and bears the scars. the town is now defiantly in rebel hands. >> they are bracing themselves for the next assault. >> this is the daily routine. just around the corner, a family. and the fathers t
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